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Privacy Notice

Date of last update: 16 June 2019.

This Notice is to be interpreted together with the general terms and conditions and the cookie notice . In case of contradiction between the documents, the general conditions prevail.

The information presented is of a general nature and the User can not derive any rights from this information. Unless otherwise stated, the information presented does not constitute an offer of services and / or products. WEshre makes every effort to provide the most complete, accurate, accurate and up-to-date information. Despite these efforts, errors may nevertheless appear in the information presented.


In principle, access to the information available on or via the platform takes place without having to provide personal data such as name, postal address, etc.

However, the use of certain features, as organization of events, request for information or newsletter subscription, requires the collection of complementary data (Name, Surname, E-mail, Address , Phone, Fax, Website, ...). The additional data are specified at the time of the request (i.e. event creation form).

These data varies according to the request made and is sent via an SSL encrypted server.

In particular, data may be collected when the contact is made by e-mail or by telephone in order to respond effectively to the request or to verify the relevance of the information. This information can be integrated into the WEshre database in order to complete it.


Use for statistical purposes of information relating to navigation

By simply connecting to the site, the servers consulted automatically collect the following data:

• The IP address assigned when connecting;
• The date and time of access to the site;
• The pages viewed;
• The type of browser used;
• The platform and / or operating system installed on the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, ...);
• The search engine as well as the keywords used to find the site.

These data are kept for the sole purpose of measuring the number of visitors in the various sections of the site and making improvements.

Use of nominative data

WEshre only uses nominative information for:

- the answers given to the account creation form
- the following categories of personal data:
- name
- first name
- E-mail adress

All this information is used and stored according to the purposes indicated during their collection:

- answer to the form
- organizer information
- participating information
- acceptance to be a contributor
- acceptance to be recontacted
- registration followed by information.

These data are kept for a period of 2 years from their harvest, which seems to us to be the minimum time necessary to start the project related to the collection of information.

In any case, you have a right to modify your data and you can unsubscribe at any time.  


To register and benefit from the services offered by WEshre, the beneficiary must first agree to provide personal data about him/her, essential to the proper functioning of the service.

WEshre can not be held liable for any information that may be erroneous or fraudulent communicated by the beneficiary.


Any email or other type of message may be retained by WEshre. Similarly for telephone conversations. It may happen that personal data relating to the situation in question are requested. These are used to process questions, respond to requests, and complete the profile.


For more information, the User is invited to read the Cookies Notice, which contains the policy of WEshre on the subject, as well as to visit the website:

Confidentiality and privacy is a major priority for WEshre.

The WEshre team is obliged to respect the confidentiality of the data collected. In some cases, exchanges and cross-checks of information are made internally.

This personal data will be treated in accordance with the legislation in force.

In particular:
All data collected by the controller, including names, first names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and website URLs provided by the User may be encoded into automated data files of WEshre.

This data may be used and processed by WEshre for the purpose of managing its relations with its Internet users and contacts, for purposes of control of regularity of operations, participation in training and the fight against possible abuses and irregularities.

Subject to the agreement of the User, this data may be used for public relations and prospecting purposes as part of the activities of WEshre or its partners.

WEshre may also disclose all or part of this information to legal or legal services that will protect the data in the context of these conditions.

The data is processed for the following purposes:
-       organization of festive, sports or travel events:
o   the User who requests it can see his registration data kept from one event to another. Its non-registration does not keep its data.
o   Registration data are used for logistical and functional purposes

-       billing, collection and verification of invoices or any costs,
-       communication of paper and electronic information letters. The data is kept until the User unsubscribes
-       communication via social networks or events website
-       realization of information or promotion operations on the services and products offered by WEshre or its partners. Users will be informed of the relevant partners.
-       in the context of the contractual relations or any written request (paper or electronic) of WEshre to the User indicating the data requested, the nature of the treatment carried out and its purpose.  

By providing personal data, the User accepts the processing of information for the purposes indicated above. In addition, the acceptance is full and complete when the corresponding box is ticked when, for example, the subscription to the Newsletter.

These data will be used for the sole purposes mentioned above, except additional information or express opposition later on from the User.

WEshre may however be required to share or disclose personal data that has been provided for a specific purpose, for example:

- disclosure of personal data to third parties in the event that WEshre evolves in its legal structure;
- disclosure or sharing of personal data to comply with a legal obligation, or to execute or apply the Terms of Use.


Privacy Policies of WEshre Partners and Subcontractors:


- Apple:
- Google maps:
- Facebook / instagram:
- Firebase:
- Google:
- MapBox:
- Microsoft: and

Data storage:




The data is stored on the servers of WEshre or belonging to a third party and are kept for the period strictly necessary for the purposes described above. The User is informed of these storage times. Beyond that, they will either be deleted, or made anonymous and kept for exclusively statistical purposes and will not give rise to any exploitation of any kind whatsoever.

The archiving of these data is carried out on a reliable and durable support in accordance with the legal rules in force.  


In accordance with legal provisions, the User has the right to consult free of charge personal data concerning him and to have them rectified free of charge if they prove to be incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant.

The User has the right and without any additional costs if it is a reasonable volume, to obtain the written communication of the personal data concerning him.

The User also has the right to oppose the use of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Those wishing to exercise this right may do so by mail to WEshre at the following address:

WEshre SRL
Rue des Acacias 19
4000 Liège


The letter must be accompanied by a written, dated and signed request and a copy of proof of identity.

Those who wish to do so can also obtain additional information on the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data from the Commission for the protection of privacy: ; Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels.

If, at any time, the User has a doubt and thinks that WEshre does not respect his privacy, he is asked to send a letter to the address mentioned above or an email ( WEshre will make every effort to detect and correct the problem.

Cookies notice

Date of last update: 16 June 2019.


When viewing the website information may be stored in "cookie" files, installed in the computer, tablet or mobile phone used to navigate.

WeShre strives to offer the highest standards of service. To achieve this, information about the user can be collected. This information is used for the purpose and for the purposes of WeShre and is not disclosed to third parties and is not assigned or sold without the consent of the user unless it is required by law or regulation.

The collection of information can be carried out by the deposit of cookies in the computer of the user as well as by other technologies which make it possible to identify the sections of the most frequented site, the destinations of the visitors and the duration of their visit.

WeShre undertakes to treat the data collected confidentially in accordance with the national and international provisions on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.

This notice is part of the Privacy Policy [ID1] and is to be interpreted also with the general terms and conditions[ID2] . In case of contradiction between the documents, the general conditions prevail. [ID1]lien [ID2]lien


A "cookie" is a text file placed on the user's computer.

The term "cookie" is to be considered in the broad sense and covers all cookies or tracers deposited and / or read, for example, when consulting a website, reading an email, the Internet or installation or use of a software or mobile application.

Any user is concerned, regardless of the type of terminal used: computers, smartphones, digital tablets and video game consoles connected to the Internet.

A "cookie" can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same site.

Cookies are used to reload pages and to recognize a user's visit to page layouts.

There are mainly four types of cookies, answering the purposes described below, can be recorded in the user's terminal during a visit to this site.



They are necessary for navigation on the site and access to services. They make it possible to reinforce the comfort of navigation and to improve the interest and the ergonomics of the services by the establishment of statistics based on the data of navigation and visit. These cookies also make it possible to adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of the terminal, such as the language used, the resolution, etc. as well as the memorization of the information already transmitted.

These cookies are triggered as soon as a web page is displayed, or when a particular action is performed.

These are technical components, and can not be deactivated or set at risk of not being able to access the site and / or services of the site.


They are issued by WeShre or by its technical service providers.

They serve to:
- measure the audience of the various contents and sections of the website, to evaluate them and improve their organization, in order to evaluate them and better organize them.
- detect navigation problems and consequently improve the ergonomics of the services offered
These cookies only produce anonymous statistics and traffic volumes, to the exclusion of any individual information.

These cookies can be disabled or set.

The information generated by the "cookies" relates to the use of the site by the user and relates to the access to the site (including the IP address of the user) and the behavior of the latter on the site. This information is analyzed anonymously and sent to Google, including servers installed in the United States. Before storing the transmitted information, Google makes it anonymous by deleting the last octet of the user's IP address.


They are issued by social networks and allow to share content of the site with other people or to make known to other people the consultation or the opinion of the user about a site content using the buttons "Share" or "Share" or "Like" social networks like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The social network that provides the application button is likely to identify the user by this button, even the button was not used during the consultation of this site.

These cookies can be disabled or set.  

The user is invited to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to learn the purpose of use, including advertising, navigation information they can collect through these application buttons.

Non-exhaustive list:

By using our platform, you consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies because your agreement has been collected, when necessary, to insure the continuation of your navigation, after having read our banner of preliminary information.  

This site uses cookies, by pursuing your navigation, you accept them to carry out statistics, to propose you offers and services adapted to your needs and to your centers of interests.Learn more and set cookies Close

Clicking on "Close" removes the banner.  

The user has the choice to choose at any time all or part of the cookies, with the exception of the technical cookies necessary for the functioning of the site as indicated above.



The browser can also be set by the user to report cookies that are deposited in the terminal and ask him to accept them or not. (case by case or in full):

Non-exhaustive list:
Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:  

Disabling all cookies will prevent the user from using the site under normal conditions, except for basic functions.


The following deactivation links will record within the user's browser a cookie whose sole purpose is to disable them:

Non-exhaustive list:

Be careful, these cookies make it possible to measure the traffic or the audience associated with a website, the pages visited and the interactions made on the site during the user's visit. Disabling them therefore prevents any collection of information relating to navigation on the site and therefore the proposal of content adapted to the navigation.


The following platform, proposed by advertising professionals, allows to manage this type of cookies. Just follow the instructions given:  

Among the companies listed on this platform, it is possible to refuse or accept the cookies used by them to adapt their browsing information.

Be careful, doing this deactivation will prevent the display of all advertisements targeted by interests but does not prevent to receive other advertisements: disable these cookies prevents the collection of information allowing a better targeting advertising during visits, Blank inserts will appear instead of these targeted ads.


The following disabling links will contain a cookie within the browser that will only disable them. Disabling these cookies will prevent any interaction with the social network (s) concerned:

Non-exhaustive list:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Google +:
• LinkedIn:
• Yahoo:
• YouTube:

Attention, taking into account the different wishes is based on one or more cookies determined according to the browser used.

Consequently, the change of browser or the deletion of all the cookies registered within the terminal concerning the site amounts to resetting the consent and the user will have to refuse again the cookie (s) that he does not wish to keep.


The browser can be set to send a code telling websites that the user does not want to be tracked. ("Do No Track" option).
Non-exhaustive list:
• Internet Explorer:
• Safari:
• Chrome:
• Firefox:
• Opera:

Mobile devices can also offer the "Limited ad tracking" (on iOS) or "Prohibit tracking" settings (on Android).


When connecting to a site, some data is automatically transmitted to the site by the browser software used by the user. This data contains the TCP / IP address (a number that identifies a computer or mobile device on the network), browser brands and version, operating system, login times and last web page consulted.

The information thus collected is pseudonymised to limit identification as a person.

For any other question relating to the collection and management of personal data, the user is invited to read the Privacy Policy or contact WEshre at the following address:   For further information on cookies, the user is invited to consult the website or to inquire with the Commission for the protection of privacy: ; Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels.