WeShre the Pleasure of Being Together!

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Feel welcomed anywhere!

We built an app to connect users in real life by allowing them to participate to small private parties, experiences and sport gatherings organised by the users and for users in an easy, intuitive, affordable and secure way!

We created a world where you feel welcomed anywhere!

WeShre is an ecosystem that provides everything needed for organizing private events and connecting people. Spend less time on your phone and more time connecting in real life. Use the benefits of the digital for a better real.

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Invite your friends to join the WeShre Community

WeShre is invite only. We want to create a real community, so you will need an invitation from an existing WeShre user to get access or sign up to the waitlist to get an invite.

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Growing need for genuine social connection?

With social media, we have so many friends but how many do we really take time to share moments with?
We do not really know them. With WeShre, take time to share real moments with your friends or meet new people who share the same interests.

Let’s be social, for real!

Peter Lebon


Tess Lewis


Emily Smith


New Way to Experience your Social Life !

WeShre is about new social experience. We introduce a digital world offering the opportunity to create real human bonds

Let real social connection be the new dopamine!

Smaller community means feeling surrounded by people who care about the same things

You’re unique! Share your world with the WeShre Community through private events.

Feel welcomed anywhere!

Become a WeShre Ambassador! We’re looking for friendly, outgoing and connected people who can spread WeShre and extend the WeShre Community across their cities.

Go check the app to see how to become an ambassador.

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