How WeShre app works

Our core service is developing technology that connects users in real life through private events organized by and for the users. Here's how to use the app, step by step:

Step 1

An organizer creates an event

Click on the "create" button in the profile. Create a festive or sportive event. Follow the different steps of the creation. At any time you can pause and come back later.

Step 2

A participant search an event

When you open the app, the homage offers a selection of events. Want to be more specific, use the search bar, the date button and the filters to find the perfect event.

Step 3

The organizer accepts the request

Once you've found the perfect event, make a request. You can request for more than one person but you'll have to identify these persons. The organizer will verify and accept or decline your request.

Step 4

It's time to have fun, the event happens

Once the organizer has accepted the request, you'll have access to all necessary info. The day of the event you just have to scan the QR code and enjoy.

Step 5

Organizer & participants leave ratings and reviews

At the end of each event, the organizers and participants can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Participants have also the option to give the organizer a review directly in the app.

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You can follow or create groups based on your interests, schools, hobbies, etc.
Get easier access to the events organized by members of your groups. You can also restrict the visibility of your events to certain group.

Messages & Feed

Start a quick conversation with the the organizer and some the participants or simply chat with your friends to find the best event for the weekend.
The feed is one of the most important aspect of the app. For each event a new feed is created. It’s the place where, as a participant, you have access to the event’s chat, the listing of what you should bring, carpool organization, where you can add stories, and the shared album


When you organize an event, we know how complicate it can be to know who will bring what or constantly remind your guests to not forgot what you asked. With WeShre you can integrate a list of what guests should bring. Guests can select an item from the list to let the organizer know what they’re bringing.

Shared Album

Once an event is over, participants can upload photos and videos of the event and share them with other participants


WeShre Stories allow users to share photos and videos of the event they are attending. It promotes the event to convince other users to book their tickets and join the event if they like the atmosphere. Stories can be public, restricted to groups or private depending on the visibility settings selected by the organizer. Stories are only visible until the end of the event. To come.

Carpooling Tool

Going to an event can sometime be complicated. We developed a carpooling service that connects all the participants heading to the same event, so they can travel together and share the cost. Affordable, user-friendly and environment-friendly. To come.


You can control the visibility of your events on the app. When you list your events, you have 3 possibilities: Public, Restricted to Selected Groups and Private.

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